I am a Research Associate on the ERC project 'Truth and Semantics', at the University of Bristol. Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Salzburg. I attained a PhD in Philosophy in 2018, at the Arché Philosophical Research Center, in the University of St Andrews.

I work primarily on the philosophy of language, semantics and metaphysics. My current research interests include: information structure, quantifier expressions, quantifier variance, verbal and metalinguistic disputes, and semantic paradoxes.



As Instructor

Basic Logic (Autumn 2018, University of St Andrews)   ±

As Teaching Assistant

PY2012 Meaning & Knowing (Spring 2017, University of St Andrews)   ±
PY1006 Knowledge & Reasoning (Spring 2015, University of St Andrews)   ±
6AANB031 Modal Logic (Spring 2014, King's College London)   ±
4AANA004 Metaphysics 1 (Autumn 2013, King's College London)   ±

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