I am a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Bristol. Previously, I was a Research Associate on the ERC project 'Truth and Semantics', and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Salzburg. I received my PhD from the University of St Andrews.

I work primarily on the philosophy of language, semantics, and metaphysics. My current research interests include: information structure, quantifier expressions, quantifier variance, verbal and metalinguistic disputes, slurs, semantic paradoxes and the meaning of natural language truth predicates.


  1. Not Half True ±
    Forthcoming. Mind.
  2. Focus on Slurs ±
    Forthcoming. (Co-authored with Ashley Shaw). Mind & Language.
  3. Paradox and Context Shift ±
    Forthcoming. Philosophical Studies (Special Issue).
  4. How to Have a Metalinguistic Dispute ±
    2021. Synthese.
  5. The Liar without Relativism ±
    2021. Erkenntnis.
  6. 'Quantifier Variance' is not Quantifier Variance ±
    2021. Australasian Journal of Philosophy. 99 (3): 611-627.
  7. Expressions in Focus ±
    2020. Semantics and Pragmatics. 13 (13): 1-46.
  8. Triggering Domain Restriction ±
    2019. Mind & Language. 34 (5): 563-584.

Courses Taught

University of Bristol

PHIL30077 Philosophy of Psychology (Spring 2023)   ±
PHIL20017 Philosophy of Language (Autumn 2022)   ±
PHIL10005 Introduction to Philosophy A (Autumn 2022)   ±

University of St Andrews

Basic Logic (Autumn 2018)   ±